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Alfa Laval - Aalborg OC

Aalborg OC is a vertical boiler with an exhaust gas section consisting of bare smoke tubes. The cylindrical shell surrounds the smoke tubes the furnace the steam space and the convective section which consists of pin tube elements. The boiler pressure part is manufactured from mild steel able to withstand high temperatures.

Boiler Water Pump Case Study | Composite Wear Components

That can take a toll on equipment such as boiler feedwater pumps. One plant found that upgrading its pumps was the most-effective way to adapt to new operational realities. As wind and solar power supplies have increased conventional power plants have been asked to vary output to accommodate for intermittent renewable generation.

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Feb 15 2012 · Case Study Evaluating The Long Term Performance Of Composite Wear Rings In Centrifugal Pumps 1. Evaluating the Long-Term Performance ofComposite Wear Rings in Centrifugal PumpsRobert Aronen Boulden International: Robert Aronen is the ManagingDirector EMEA for Boulden International in Luxembourg.

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Sep 14 2020 · In the following sections we will assess the JCE vertical OTB against these design considerations and then consider a case study of a recent vertical OTB

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Apr 29 2014 · The Cochran boiler whose working pressure is normally of the order of 7 bar is available in various types and arrangements some of which are: Simple pass composite boilers i.e. one pass of the exhaust gases and two uptakes one for the oil fired system and one for exhaust system.

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