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Dec 12 2008 · converting coal to a synthesis gas of mainly carbon monoxide and hydrogen which is cleaned of contaminants before being used in a gas turbine; capturing CO2 from fossil fuel combustion or gasification compressing it and storing it deep

NOx-reducing Technologies | Power Engineering

Apr 01 2011 · Clean Coal Technologies. ... An additional combustion process known as reburning injects boiler fuel (anywhere from 10 to 25 percent) into a separate reburn zone. ... Alstom has commissioned ...

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Coal cleaning by 'washing' has been standard practice in developed countries for some time. It reduces emissions of ash and sulfur dioxide when the coal is burned. Electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters can remove 99% of the fly ash from the flue gases these technologies are in widespread use.

Boiler Chemical Cleaning: Doing It Correctly

Sep 01 2014 · The rule of thumb is to chemically clean if you are replacing more than 10% of the surface area of the boiler. This helps to create a uniform layer of oxide on all the tubes. A major change in...

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