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Rice husk in its loose form (Fig. 2) is mostly used for energy production such as combustion and gasification. Combustion is the process of burning carbon in the rice husk which emits CO 2 and generates heat energy for further use.

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Using rice husk for energy production Rice husk contains about 30 50% of organic carbon and have high heat value of 13 16 MJ per kg. It can be used to generate fuel heat or electricity through thermal chemical or bioprocesses. The energy conversion processes of rice husk are presented in

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Carbon emissions from the rice husk power plant are 4367.33 kg-C/h as CO 2 34.93 kg-C/h as CO and 26.9 kg-C/h as unburned carbon.Carbon closure = {( C input -C output )/ C input } × 100 % (2) When; C input = RH + T(3) C output = T + UA + FG CO (4) Where; C input is total carbon content in (kg-C/h) C output is total carbon content in (kg-C/h) RH is carbon content in rice husk (kg-C/h) T is carbon

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