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100KW-35000KW YY(Q)W Gas/Oil Thermic Fluid Heater

2. Full-oil boiler cold oil will stay forced circulating for 6-8Hours sametime exhaust the gas in oil. 3. Then running thermal oil boiler deliver the heat between heating equipment and boiler. It can obtain a high operating temperature at low pressure and can do high-precision control on the medium. Advantages of YYQW thermal oil boiler. 1.

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and boiler temperature behaviour as well as measurement of fuel use auxiliary energy use and are mandatory only at the level of some Member States (e.g. Italy). For commercial appliances the US and most other countries Pn for boilers up to 100 kW and 12 for boilers between 100 and 1000 kW nominal heat. industrial boilers Hoval

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Our range of electric industrial boilers can produce water up to 90 Degrees C. Below you can see the back of these industrial electric boilers which shows the flow and return connections the boiler flow switch which is fitted as standard on these boilers from 100 kW and above and is an option on the 50kW to 100kW models.

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The boilers are available as warm-water type boilers and operate at maximum working pressure 2.0 bar while the maximum working temperature is 100°C. Boiler description The STEP-KC boiler consists of a water-cooled furnace with a cylindrical combustion chamber and a vertical flue gas exchanger.

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